1. Go to and move without clicking to "Patients" menu item on the top left of the screen.

2. When the new menu pops up, select "Get Your Results"

3. On the next screen ,select "Sign /up" to create user ID

4. Fill out Patient Registeration information. Use the same information you used when you were tested.

5. Choose a login ID and password.

6. If you filled out your information correctly,yoy will now have a valid login for the patient portal. Go back to this screen and login with your new login and password

7. Once you login, you wil see the screen below with all your past Lenco test results

8.Select the disk icon in the Accession column. This will download a PDF report to your computer.
you can then view your results online by opening the PDF or you can print it.

9.You will be able to access all our future Lenco results using this same login.