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Do healthcare differently with K Health.

Ditch the crazy bills

$23 visits and a $12/month unlimited membership, no insurance required. So say bye to surprise bills.

Care on your schedule, 24/7

Chat with a doctor right from your phone, all day and night. No waiting room or appointment needed.

Treat yourself—not your condition

Get better quality care, powered by doctors and data that treat you comprehensively, remotely.

K Health memberships are not insurance and exclude ancillary services (e.g., labs, equipment, cost of medication, etc). See Terms of Service.

Take control of your health

Check your symptoms the smarter way

Compare you or your kids’ symptoms to others with our smart symptom checker—for free. If you want to chat with a doctor, your results will help them get you care fast.

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Don’t wait to talk to a doctor

Tired of being sick and tired? Text with a doctor 24/7 for immediate care for you and your kids. No waiting rooms, no appointment needed.

Try 24/7 urgent care

Make it easy to manage your whole health

Over 300 doctors can deliver you comprehensive care—virtually, on your time. Get help managing chronic conditions, reaching your lifestyle goals, or streamlining your medication regimen.

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Pay for your care, not their admin

We get better—and more affordable—the bigger we get. Our tech keeps prices low by allowing your care team focus on you, not on paperwork or billing. Plus we did away with copays and hidden fees.

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Forget unreliable web forums

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Doctors dedicated to getting you the care you deserve.

  • Board-certified clinicians with training from top-tier institutions

  • Available 24/7 to provide top-quality, personalized care whenever you need it

  • Multi-disciplinary leadership team focuses on improving healthcare for all

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“…by solving the healthcare inequities of access and affordability, K Health is one of the most impactful consumer health companies constructing the future of care for us all”

– Business Insider, June 2021

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